Change the pool master in Citrix Xenserver 6

1. If your current pool master server is online, you need to connect to it by ssh.
Before changing the pool master you have to disable the HA feature temporarily.

xe pool-ha-disable

Next, get the list of your current servers in the pool.

xe host-list

Get the uuid of the slave you want to make the new master and type in the command:

xe pool-designate-new-master host-uuid=<new-master-uuid>
xe pool-ha-enable

2. If your pool master is already down for some reason, you can still make any slave as master of the pool.
Issue the following commands from the slave that will become the new master:

xe pool-emergency-transition-to-master
xe pool-recover-slaves


Good luck with the new xen master 🙂

2 thoughts on “Change the pool master in Citrix Xenserver 6

  1. Elieser Topassi says:


    When I run ‘xe host-list’ i get all hosts on my pool.
    In an interactive prompt, i can see which is the host I’m logged… but I want to automate it.

    It’s possible to get the current host I’m logged in the ‘xe host-list’ output?
    I want to put it on a script, that will run on any hosts, and I need get the UUID of the host the script is running…


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