Restart a hanged virtual machine

Sometimes it may happen that your vm has hanged and XenCenter controls(Reboot and Force Reboot) do not work.

You may see an error when you try to force a reboot (The operation could not be performed because a domain still exists for the specified VM.).

This is a process to reboot the hanged vm from the XenServer host console.

To get the uuid of the VM that is hung:

xe vm-list

Get the vm domain id by uuid:


Then destroy the domain of the vm:

/opt/xensource/debug/destroy_domain -domid <domid>

Now you can force a reboot on your vm:

xe vm-reboot uuid=<uuid> --force

If it has no effect you can also try:

xe vm-reset-powerstate uuid=<uuid> --force

Note that it may take up to 3 minutes to complete.

2 thoughts on “Restart a hanged virtual machine

  1. Michael says:

    Additionaly, if the last two commands take more than 3 minutes to finish (as suggested in the post), cancel it with a CTRL+C and issue the following command:


    If you are using XenCenter, the host will disconnect for a short amount of time, but the other VMs will continue to work. After this, issue the xe vm-reboot uuid=XXXX command again.

    Ps: Sorry for the grammar, english is not my first language.

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